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#22debuts Day Eight

I’m fully leaning into cheating and cherrypicking on the current #22debuts prompt parties. The one I’m answering today calls for a favorite line from my book, and because there are still dustbunnies and tumbleweeds in my Instagram and blog here, I’m going to share three today to fill it up a bit more (also because I can’t decide on which I like more…I kind of love my book. Not ashamed.)

The first is a quote from my protagonist Harry, during an intense conversation with my other protagonist Rowan, on the nature of love and lust. Rowan is learning about his past relationship(s), and, not believing in romantic love herself, having difficulty understanding that the fact that it doesn’t always survive doesn’t mean it wasn’t real at the time. The dialogue is pulled from the primordial scene I wrote in Evernote on a plane years ago, when the characters were first forming in my imagination, and this story was very much a loose collection of bullet points, very little plot, and lots of vibes.

“But if love is real, why didn’t it last with her?” Rowan said.

Harry hesitated. “Does a thing ending invalidate that it existed at all?”

“Don’t answer my questions with questions.”

“You know I’m right,” he said.

Bend Toward the Sun, 2022

The next snippet is self-explanatory…Harry is seeing Rowan across a field after he’s already developed a chronic case of big emotions.

Rowan turned to him, a beautiful Botticelli in weathered khaki shorts and a white eyelet tank top. Damp curlicues of hair hugged tight to her temples. The rest tumbled like a briar patch around her freshly washed face. Her skin was the sun-kissed gold of turbinado sugar, and Harry knew it tasted even sweeter. She was so exquisitely, effortlessly beautiful, it made his whole body hurt.

Bend Toward the Sun, 2022

The last is a humorous retort from Rowan during a scene after she and Harry are in a bit of a dark period. I loved the idea of her using humor to deflect some of the tension. Truthfully though, I’m still so new to this publishing stuff that I’m mostly expecting it to not make it into the final published version because of trademark issues. Crossing fingers!

“I needed some space. Some time.” Harry said.

Rowan blinked. “What are you, Doctor Who?”

Bend Toward the Sun, 2022

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