#22debuts Day Three

​Today’s #22debuts prompt is to share our workspace and/or our favorite place to write.

I work from home all day on the computer for my dayjob, and I can’t get in the right headspace for creativity and kissing scenes in the same physical area I do that work. So, I don’t have dedicated desk space for my writing. Most of my writing is done on a lapdesk in the (extremely healthy for my back and neck) recliner in our living room, or, when the weather is nice (or sometimes, even when it’s too cold or too dark) – our back porch. That’s my favorite place to write, surrounded by nature.

Usually, wherever I am, there’s also a small creature of the human or canine variety also vying for my attention.

I took a leisurely seven years to write my debut, so it’s been tinkered with in many states and multiple countries, but the place outside my house I miss writing from the most (hi, future readers, we’ve been in a global pandemic for over eighteen months as of this post) is a Columbus coffee shop whimsically named Fox in the Snow (with a name like that, how could you not love it?) There’s something about the atmosphere there that allows me to go full-throttle into my authorbrain, and I’ve done some of my best and most efficient work there. I can’t wait to go back.

The neatest place I’ve written was at a vineyard and winery in Pennsylvania that served as partial inspiration for some of my book’s setting. I can’t wait to go back there, too.

Share your thoughts.

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