#22debuts Day Two

It’s day 2 of meeting the #22debuts and I have a 100% hit rate on participating. I’m really proud of myself. Will I be able to make it past my previous personal best in an Insta event—a four-day streak? We’ll see!

BEND TOWARD THE SUN is a MF contemporary romance set at a long-abandoned vineyard property in southeast Pennsylvania. Ever been to the Brandywine Valley area outside Philly? That was my inspiration.

BTTS has…

  • opposites attracting, opposites pining, opposites igniting
  • cottagecore vibes but also make it steamy
  • soft, tormented cinnamon roll MMC
  • anxiety rep
  • hot, hot consent
  • found family
  • self-forgiveness, overcoming shame

Rowan McKinnon is a newly-minted PhD botanist with ambitious postdoc plans when an unexpected complication in her research derails her momentum. Emotionally neglected as a child and deeply wounded by a past love, she’s been mostly solitary her whole life, fiercely guarding her heart and using her career to fill the void. After a chance encounter at a future winery, Rowan is captivated—reluctantly, at first—by the beauty of the land, the challenge of restoring the wild vineyard, and the warm, inviting family who owns the place.

Harry Brady is an obstetrician reeling from the loss of a patient. He’s taken a leave of absence from his California practice and headed back to Pennsylvania. There, his family has purchased a sprawling, abandoned vineyard property, and he hopes that fresh air, hard work, and his big family will help him heal.

The connection between Rowan and Harry is elemental and immediate. Romantic Harry wants to explore it, pragmatic Rowan wants to keep it casual, and their time there was never meant to be anything more than temporary. But the grapevines aren’t the only things putting down roots…

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