#22debuts Day … whatever.

I’m going to cheat…because FOMO. I found out belatedly that there were two prompt parties going on right now for #22Debuts! With that and the U.S. holiday weekend, I crashed and burned after day three. So, I’m going to embrace the chaos and fudge it a little by sharing responses to a few prompts in the same post here.

First, what’s on deck in my TBR (though the vineyard book is a bit of a cheat because I’ve started and stopped it several times…not because it isn’t engaging, but there’s just … no kissing in it.) An Unlikely Vineyard by Deirdre Heekin, One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, and A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane.

My book’s setting, Vesper Valley, is fictional, but the area is inspired by the Brandywine Valley outside of Philadelphia. I spent a weekend at a winery & vineyard in Glen Mills, PA, and drew a lot of inspiration from there, too. 

I have a LOT of favorite books, and I couldn’t really name one. I’m going to cheat here again and choose the entire Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. It was the first Nora I’d ever read: I found the 1st in the series at Goodwill and was intrigued by the wedding photographer FMC – I used to shoot weddings! The group of girlfriends hooked me, as did the setting, and the vibes, vibes, vibes. This was also my gateway to contemporary romance after reading nothing but historicals for almost two decades.

Beverage of choice while writing, hmm. Always ice water. Usually coffee. Often wine (white in the summer, red in the winter) – I am writing a vineyard series, after all. I’m also developing a bit of an iced chai habit right now.

Share your thoughts.

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