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#22debuts on Instagram

This month, there’s an Instagram event for authors debuting in 2022 to respond to prompts to grow their audience and meet other authors in the same stage of their publishing career. I am historically terrible at these events; the longest I’ve made it was four days into an event in January. I also can’t help but acknowledge the fact that it’s this kind of writing-adjacent stuff that possibly derails me from…um, actually writing. But my Instagram is a dustbowl, and this blog is even mustier, so I’m going to try super hard to keep up with the prompts to put some life into both.

Day One

Hi friends! It’s #meetthe22debuts time! I’m Jen Devon, and I’m the author of BEND TOWARD THE SUN, coming next summer from St. Martin’s Press.

I’m an avid gardener, photographer, and boardgamer, a thrift store enthusiast and unapologetic nerd. I’m a mom of six (three kids, three rescue mutts) and I live in Columbus, Ohio with my engineer husband. My wordslinging time is usually pre-dawn and post-dusk.

I’m a former biology academic now working in tech. The common threads that have tied my life together are nature and books. I attended my first writing conference in middle school and my first time earning money from writing was in high school when I won $75 for a poetry contest. Never in my most bonkers dreams did I ever imagine I’d be published someday.

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