A firework of serotonin.

The #22debut prompt for today was our favorite moment in publishing so far, and whew, it’s a big ask for a debut author to pinpoint a single one. Initial agent requests and conversations, meeting writer friends, publisher interest…it’s all a great big firework of serotonin, especially after the gloom of the querying process.

I think if I had to choose, my purely selfish favorite moment was finally getting to announce my deal on Publisher’s Marketplace, the industry news aggregator. I was bonkers fortunate that my book sold just a few weeks after I signed with my agent, but the wait to announce was about six months long. I know this still isn’t a long time by some publishing standards, but for a newbie who was aching to share with the world? I felt every minute of it.

Publisher's Marketplace announcement with image collage of vineyard scenes, announcing the publication of BEND TOWARD THE SUN in Spring/Summer 2022.

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