It took almost seven years…

…but my book is going to be published!

This story started small. Just a single scene between two people. No names, no faces. Just bodies and banter.

And a hell of a lot of feelings.

Over the years, I would sometimes–out of necessity–put this manuscript down for six months at a time. Other times, I’d clock 6500 words in a single day and write during every scarce free moment I had.

Before the pandemic, I used to travel a lot for my dayjob, so this book has been researched, tinkered with, scene-shuffled, growled at, and cried over in airports and hotel rooms in half a dozen states and almost as many countries.

I wrote while recovering from two major foot surgeries with my leg propped up in a recliner and my computer on a lapdesk. I’ve written in a dark and snowy parking lot, sitting in my van during my daughter’s ballet class. I’ve sketched scenes and snippets of dialogue on my phone while camping, at the beach, and in line at the grocery checkout. On roadtrips–from the passenger seat, of course–and layered in blankets on my back porch. In so many coffeeshops. God, I miss coffeeshops.

I’m so thankful for the people who have already taken a chance and seen through to BEND TOWARD THE SUN’s big, beautiful beating heart.

I hope y’all will love it someday, too.

Publisher's Marketplace announcement with image collage of vineyard scenes, announcing the publication of BEND TOWARD THE SUN in Spring/Summer 2022.

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