All pragmatic PhD botanist Rowan McKinnon needs is her academic ambition, her two best friends, and some occasional no-strings sex. The only love she’d ever known was from her grandmother Edie, who taught her to care for all green things that grow. 

After a chance encounter at a long-abandoned vineyard, Rowan is captivated by the wild beauty of the land, the challenging ecological restoration of the place, and by the Bradys: the warm, inviting family planning to build a winery there. They’ll offer her a job. She’ll eventually accept it.

And try not to think about Harrison Brady.

Dr. Harrison Brady is profoundly struggling after losing a patient. Reeling from the loss and the resulting breakdown of his four-year relationship, Harry leaves Los Angeles to join his family at their new vineyard in rural Pennsylvania. He’ll work to help restore the place and try to mend his heart. 

As soon as he meets Rowan McKinnon, sunlight begins to crack through the dark cloud smothering Harry’s soul, and he aches to explore the compelling pull between them. But Rowan just wants to keep things casual—she’s spent a lifetime protecting herself against feeling anything, for anyone, and her stay in the valley was always meant to be temporary. But even she can feel the way their extraordinary connection tilts the axis of the world they both thought they understood, and the grapevines aren’t the only things putting down roots.

A vivid, powerful novel about the ways love can irrevocably change your life, BEND TOWARD THE SUN is a cinematic, unforgettable romance.

copyright jen devon 2015-2021 | images from & used with permission