Bend Toward the Sun Content Considerations

Jen believes in providing access to content considerations to uphold psychological safety for readers. 

These content considerations may be considered “spoilers” by some, so click at your own discretion.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jen if you have more specific questions or concerns before reading.

Wondering about HEAs? Jen’s contemporary romances are unequivocally, unapologetically capital-R Romances, and Happily Ever Afters are guaranteed.

anxiety/panic attacks, social anxiety, depression

maternal death, death of a grandparent, gaslighting, parental neglect, infidelity (not between main characters), divorce

profanity, alcohol consumption, intoxication, blood, open-door consensual sex, brief mention of drug use, injury sustained after car accident by secondary character, pregnancy by secondary character, animal birth, spiders, ticks