Hi, I’m a random Internet stranger.

​Starting over on social media is tough.

I’ve been oversharing into the ether since Myspace and LiveJournal days. I’d never paid much attention to how *much* I posted, but I was gobsmacked when I noticed the other day that my “personal” Insta has over 2k posts on it. I guess that’s not much by influencer standards, but for me, that’s a lot of history. A lot of my heart and soul on the internet.

Deciding to write under a pen name (though Jen is indeed my real first name!) has meant I had to begin networking out of literal obscurity. It’s hard to put yourself out there and virtually say, “Hi! I’m a random internet stranger, but I promise I have features and qualities you might find ideal for friendship! Wanna connect?” That’s …scary?

Social media has the capacity to bring people together in a way that’s unprecedented for our species. It’s paradoxical how lonely and isolating it can feel.

Anyway. Hi! Wanna connect?

Share your thoughts.

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