“When I read a book by Devon, I am transported into the world so fully because she is able to capture not only the character emotional arcs, but the beauty of the scenery around them so clearly that I feel like I am really truly there. This book was stunningly gorgeous. I laughed, I teared up, and then I blushed with the hot spice that also delivers. I could go on for days, but I have to say this series is one of my all time favorites and Devon’s mastery of the romance genre is clear when you read her work.” – Jocelyn

“Bursting at the seams with angst, Right Where We Left Us bring you back to the Brady family (that I absolutely love) and follows Temperance and Duncan – with lots of cameos from Rowan and Harry. The way Carley Fortune encapsulates the lakeside setting, Jen Devon encapsulates the vineyard/farm setting. Through luscious descriptions, you 100% feel like you are sitting in with the Brady’s as a part of the family and you will feel all the same emotions as the characters on the page.” – Vanessa

Right Where We Left Us takes us back to Vesper Valley and the Brady family. Even though it can be read as a stand-alone, I will forever recommend reading Jen’s debut Bend Toward the Sun first. When I read Bend Toward the Sun, it blew me away and I’ve been waiting for Jen’s next book ever since. When I finally got my hands on Right Where We Left Us I was torn between devouring it in one sitting and savoring it. Jen Devon is just the absolute queen of angst and pining. You feel every emotion radiating off the page, it’s just so easy to lose yourself in the story. […] I loved that we got to check back in with Harry and Rowan as well as the rest of the Brady family who’s joy and love is as contagious as ever.” – Courtney

“I was completely smitten with this book. The writing style of Jen Devon is one that I rarely find in romance books these days: a true mastery of scene and plot development, coupled with the ability to build staggering tension between our FMC and MMC which had me completely engrossed in their story. Her skill of establishing a scene based on all five senses was so intoxicating that I wish all books could be written in the same way, though I doubt my feeble heart could handle it! This book was incredible, and I highly recommend it to all who are looking for a romance with slow-burn tension, delicious spice and redemption.” – Cait

“I absolutely love Jen’s writing and will never grow tired of the Brady family. Jen has such a lovely author voice and, while the story arcs in Bend Toward the Sun and Right Where We Left Us are very different, the prose is undeniably Jen. Right Where We Left Us immediately sucks you into the sweet vortex that is Duncan and TJ. I loved getting to revisit Harry and Rowan as they plan their wedding. Right Where We Left Us included more of the Brady family and Frankie, which I absolutely loved. I adored all of the interactions between Duncan and his brothers! This is a story any romance lover needs to read, and it is one I cannot wait to re-read.” – Michelle

“Here’s the long and short of it: I’ll read anything Jen Devon writes, with great joy, and my only complaint is that I wish I could spend more time with the Brady family! I really hoping for Frankie and Mal next?! Right Where We Left Us leads us back to Vesper Valley, where we fell in love with Rowan and Harry in Bend Toward the Sun. This novel overflows with the same achingly gorgeous writing I loved in Bend Toward the Sun. This time, we’re here for a second chance romance that has been decades in the making. Temperance and Duncan were each other’s first love, and neither moved on. The way Jen writes their years of knowing each other and longing is completely swoon worthy. Both MCs have a hurt comfort vibe, and the spicy scenes are sweltering. Don’t miss this one!” – Kate

Right Where We Left Us is another angsty slow burn masterpiece from Jen Devon. Like with her first book, Bend Toward the Sun, Right Where We Left Us made me smile over and over again but it also had me tearing up. Duncan and Temperance’s story is painful and beautiful and hot. This hurt me then healed me in the best way possible. Pure magic!” – Kaleigh

“The yearning and chemistry between Temperance and Duncan is palpable from the very beginning. Really, it was evident in Bend Toward the Sun, but now it’s in full focus with the two of them front and center. They seem determined to misunderstand each other or push the other away, but it’s evident in each interaction that the respect and longing is deeply ingrained. Their journey to finding their way back to each was beautiful and tender.” – Nicole

“Jen Devon knows how to write a romance novel. I fell in love with the Brady family in Bend Toward the Sun and my love only continued into Right Where We Left Us. To say I was excited for a book about Temperance and Duncan is an understatement and it not only lived up to my expectations, but blew them away. Temperance is so strong and fierce, but also has so many family issues. Duncan is so incredibly sweet, but hides it. These two together are something special and their chemistry and pull towards each other is unmatched. I love that we got to see more of Rowan and Harry (from Bend Toward the Sun) and I highly recommend reading their book first to get all of the family backstory and figure out the characters. The Brady family is large and wonderful and you’ll want to meet them all!” –Megan

“The push and pull between these two is beautifully frustrating. I’ve never met two people more determined to ignore their own wants and needs. I want to slap them silly and lock them in a room together until they figure it out. Or something else that begins with F. I love seeing glimpses of Rowan and Harry from Bend. Their story was agony, and their HEA is lovely to witness. There’s also the tension between friend Frankie and Brady brother, Mal.” – Sue

“Beautifully and poetically written, this is a heartbreaking and heart melting book about second chance love, bravery and courage. The cast of characters were wonderful and filled the book perfectly. Dual POV worked seamlessly. I loved it and can’t wait to read more from Jen Devon.” – Jordana

“A round of applause for Jen Devon and this book! Bend Towards [sic] the Sun was my favorite book of 2022 (and quickly became one of my favorites of all time). I fell in love with Temperance and Duncan in that book, so needless to say, I had VERY high hopes for Right Where We Left Us. I can confirm Jen delivered and then some! Jen Devon writes [a] truly beautiful book. I cannot tell you how often I’ll read a line, set the book down, and pick the book back up to reread it again because of how bewitching it was. Every character is so unique and you cannot help but feel like the Brady family (and really all supporting characters) are truly flesh and blood real. I love a good second chance romance, but this one truly takes the cake.” – JoAnn

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love the way the author writes, vividly describing places, people, and things so that it comes to life in your mind. I love not just the two main characters, who are wonderfully human and flawed, but the entire cast of characters in the story. You could feel the familial love from the Brady family radiating off the page. I really enjoyed the ebb and flow of the relationship between Temperance and Duncan, I could never quite tell what was going to come next with them and it made the story really interesting to follow. It was a quick, cute, easy read and I can’t wait to read the next one! (Soon right?? RIGHT?!)” – Gina

“The author has an amazing way with words and I was once again captivated by these flawed, vulnerable characters that you can’t help but root for!” – Nick

“I grabbed this story as per the recommendation of author Sarah Adler. She advised her followers to read the first book in the series, Bend Towards [sic] the Sun, then jump on Right Where We Left Us as soon as we could! I trust Sarah Adler’s taste implicitly- and boy, do I not regret it! I’m loving this series- the Brady family is DELIGHTFUL! Even though the series centers around an established, traditional family- found family is also very profound here. But to speak specifically to this book- it’s a lovely second chance romance. There is a lot of varied timeline jumping throughout to show us their deep history. I’m praying we get a Malcolm and Frankie story… plus a love match for Arden would be amazing!” – Jillian

“To read a Jen Devon novel is to fall in love with the characters and world that she so vividly creates and brings to life as she pens words to paper like the artist paints a canvas. In this novel we see Temperance and Duncan’s love story as well as the love, trust, respect, and caring of the entire Brady clan. And oh how I love the Brady family and all their distinct personalities and connections to each other. A second chance romance after a secret fling that fell apart where they were 18, Duncan and Temperance are still fighting their feelings for one another 14 years later when they come together for a few weeks for a family event. This is a charming story with witty banter, sage advice, undeniable chemistry, steamy romance, character growth, second chances, and complex realistic characters that you’ll root for and want to have by your side in real life.” – Rochelle

“A sweet second chance romance; this book is the story of how [the main characters] find their way back to each other. Similar style to Lucy Story [sic] or Corinne Michaels.” – Alex

“Ms. Devon’s writing is visually appealing, poetically romantic and heart wrenchingly emotional. I felt the need to read the book again so as not to miss a tender gaze, a sexy wink or a heartfelt tear. The beauty of the vineyard wrapped its magic around everyone as they celebrated, laughed and made plans for the future. This sounds like paradise to me; where dreams come true and all days end in a happily ever after.” – Lisa

“Jen Devon is literally an incredible writer and I leave every book of hers feeling dumbstruck. Bend Toward the Sun was among my top top top books last year, and so I went in with high expectations, and they were absolutely met. Devon does FRAUGHT very, very well. This book is tense and so heated and it’s filled with lush, evocative prose […] the Brady family is as lovely and chaotic as ever, and there better be a Malcolm and Frankie book because I am READY. But the romance here is just absolutely stunning. Devon makes these people so absurdly real, from how the smell and taste and talk, and you really feel just dropped into this little slice of life she’s concocted. It’s a quiet book like BTTS, and the conflicts are far more internal than they are external, but that’s a feature to me, not a bug. It’s rich and cerebral and psychological, and I particularly loved the dynamic between Duncan and Temperance, how open he was in his desire/need for her, and how scared she was. Once again, Devon loves an emotionally available man and an anxious, hesitant woman, and once again, she makes this work so deliciously. The steam is a highlight, as it was in book 1 too. Extremely sexy and well-done.” – Katie

“I really loved this second chance romance. This book was still beautiful but slightly less lyrical than book one, which actually helped me to get more into the romance. It was such a pleasure to slip back into the warm, sunshine world of the Brady family and I’m already hoping we have a book three (Mal/Frankie) in the works.” – Val

* All reviews shared with permission.

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