“Lush, mesmerizing, soulful. The best contemporary romance in a looooong time! Phew… what a stunning peace of art. This is one for the keeper-shelf to read and devour again, to linger and savour each and every word. I cannot remember when I last cried several times reading a romance and yet I was left feeling all gooey with a warm, glow-y heart that wanted me to start re-reading right away.” – Nadine

“Jen Devon’s debut Bend Toward the Sun razed my heart and nourished it back to life. Devastating in the best way, this romance set on a neglected and newly acquired vineyard in Pennsylvania had me longing for walks in wildflower-filled meadows, swims in mist-covered ponds, and games of hide-and-go-seek in old greenhouses.” – Dedra

“The wit, the cast of characters, the gorgeous prose all combined to make this book unputdownable for me. A truly beautiful, romantic story with just enough angst, humor and poignancy to balance it all out. The power of love and the strength to open up a damaged heart will leave you breathless. I loved everything about it. ” – Joanne

“All you need to know: there is yearning of two people unable to resist each other’s magnetic field. It’s a deliciously angsty book featuring messy, grieving characters. I loved it. One of the more romantic books I’ve read in recent memory.” – Aarya

“Bend Toward the Sun is one of the most beautifully written romances that I have read in a long time. The author’s descriptions of everything from a character’s appearance to the setting are so rich and easily visualized. It has just the right amount of swoon and angst. I really did not know what to expect but I’ve never been so glad I picked a book on a whim.” – Meg

“Honestly, I haven’t read a book thus far this year that really made me FEEL not only like i was in it – but that I WANTED to be in it. It’s hard for me to believe that this is Jen’s first novel…like what? This easily made its way into my top 3 books of the year, without a doubt.
I absolutely adored both Rowan and Harry, as well as the whole Brady family and Temperance and Frankie…” – Taylor

““Bend Toward the Sun” is a beautifully written story that made me laugh and cry, and invited me into the lives of the characters, so I could become part of their romantic and emotional story. The serene backdrop of the vineyard was the perfect setting for reflecting on your life, taking a hold of your dreams and falling in love. This is by far, one of the best books I have read this year!!” – Lisa

“The story takes place over a year, which let the insta-like embers burn into a genuine connection and relationship. There is a very strong physical attraction between Rowan and Harry, and the first half of the book is full of pining and emotional unavailability. As the seasons change and our main characters develop and grow as individuals, their magnetic attraction begins to draw them together. I am glad that Jen took the time to let the characters grow and heal from their traumas; the choice to set the book over a longer period of time was extremely smart for these characters.” – Michelle

“ALL THE TEARS. The range and depth of emotions this book evoked was incredible. Every perfect detail in this book was moving, beautiful. The way Jen connected small moments throughout the story, into the big picture was astounding. Her descriptions were rich and made me feel completely sucked into her world. ” – Amber

“Rowan was messy, complicated, fearful, intelligent, funny, and fiercely independent. Harry was broken, anxious, kind, charming, funny, and honest. As they got to know each other, they clashed and fought and pushed each other to be better. Their banter was hysterical sometimes and heartbreaking other times. Their chemistry was undeniable. I enjoyed how the book flipped points of view between Rowan and Harry. I loved watching their story unfold from both perspectives.” – Alicia

“Bend Toward the Sun is such a slow, painful burn, but I loved every second of it. The banter is adorable, the spice hot and the Brady family is one for the ages! This one made me laugh, cry (like a lot) and rage at both the main characters. But ultimately it made me fall in love with them.” – Jessica

“Oh, this perfect, perfect book. Ten out of ten stars. Whenever I say that I’m in the mood for an angsty emotional romance, THIS is exactly the feeling that I’m talking about, every time. This is the book I want to read, the movie I want to watch, the story I want to get swept away in. The writing is absolutely gorgeous and lyrical, I can safely say that Jen Devon is at the top of my must-read, constantly-refresh-Netgalley-to-see-if-there’s-a-new-book list. The large Brady family feels real and charming and humorous without becoming caricature-like, and the vineyard itself is its own vivid character in the story.” – Andie

“what a debut! wow. devon had my attention from the very beginning. just the right amount of worldbuilding for the characters and romance to flourish, and flourish they did. harry is such a beautiful character, and i love him for rowan. here’s hoping we get a brady family series!” – Maddy

“Just obsessed with this book. Loved Rowan and Harry and the entire cast of characters. This book gave me all the feels in the best way. I physically felt my heart soar and break and mend along with Rowan and Harry’s. And then the entire Brady family was so fully developed and provided such a supporting cast for Rowan and Harry.  I only hope we can get more of the Brady family in the future!!!” – Kellie

“Okay how in the world was this a debut?! Jen Devon definitely got my attention! Seriously the writing style was utterly gorgeous, I was transported to the Brady vineyard. The romance itself was just about perfect: the amount of spice, witty banter, angst, swoon worthy moments, (and gradual build between them) was *chef kiss*! I’m also a sucker for romances that grow over time so this book taking place over a year was an added charm for me.” – Courtney

“This book is truly one of the best books I have read this year. I am in awe of the writing by Jen Devon. If you want to read about how two characters who have some intense life traumas find love with one another and heal those traumas with some humor thrown in and a big huge adorable family, then this is the book for you. It was for sure the book for me!” – Jocelyn

“Devon did a phenomenal job with creating two characters that were in need of healing and allowed for a realistic relationship arc. Most of the conflict stemmed from the fact that the main characters had fundamental differences in how they viewed the world, not some contrived misunderstanding, and how those viewpoints could be respected and blended. I thought the world building in this novel was excellent and I am incredibly hopeful it set this book up as a series as I am heavily invested in the hunted future pairings of other Brady siblings. This was a wonderful debut novel and I am excited to read future books by Devon.” – Jane

“Bend Toward the Sun was a beautiful, emotional book, and I adored it! What a tremendous debut from Jen Devon! I love the style of this book. The writing had great pacing and a lyrical quality to it that made reading such a pleasure. If you are a fan of Kate Clayborn, try this book out. They have similar poetic styles in their writing and tell beautiful stories with great emotional depth. I was utterly charmed by this story and am eagerly awaiting Jen Devon’s next books.” – Laura

“Do you ever love a book so much that you have difficulty finding the words to express your love? Bend Toward the Sun is without a doubt, one of the best books I have read this year. A beautiful, slow burn love story about the healing power of love.” – Edlyn

“I can’t overstate how exceedingly lovely this book is. I’m flabbergasted that this is a debut because it is so beautifully written I wanted to live in this books metaphors […] this book has everything I love and everything I didn’t know I loved in a romance novel. Two lost souls who find each other and complete one another and a found family full of potential love stories- there are no less than three other ships in this book I am rooting for. Three! And that’s separate from the main one! Impeccably paced and stunningly written I would recommend this to anyone who loves a well earned happily ever after. You also learn about plants!” – Jessie

“What an absolutely beautiful story. Deliciously sweet, heartfelt, and steamy. I loved everything about this book, from the vivid setting to how the characters grew, both as individuals and together. The sparks and chemistry between Rowan and Harry kept me flipping pages long after I should have been asleep. On the writing level: not a word was wasted in this book—every sentence was crafted with intention and care.” – Amber

“I’ve tried for months to figure out the words to describe this story, and none of them do it justice. Harry and Rowan have the most swoonworthy chemistry, and from their first moment together you just KNOW they have something special. They’re flawed and imperfect and make mistakes. But at their cores, they’re both so utterly lovable that you can’t help but root for them. Bend Toward the Sun is a romance in the truest sense of the word. The setting is magical. The writing is gorgeous. It’s angsty, and heartbreaking, and so, so beautiful, and I cannot recommend it enough.” – Melanie 

“It’s a whirlwind of emotion; playfulness, sadness, passion & desire. A passion for the plants around them & for each other!” – Sophia

“Bend Toward the Sun is an incredible debut by Jen Devon. The prose was poetic, lyrical, and emotional; it felt as though Jen poured her heart into Rowan and Harry. Rowan is a character that was flawed and just so utterly human it made my heart ache for her. Harry was a cinnamon roll that’s anxiety felt authentic. I loved watching these two fall for each other in a slow and meaningful way. Watching their vulnerability had me crying, we’re talking sobs. I loved the Brady family so much and Rowan’s found family. I just don’t have enough kind or eloquent words to describe how this made me feel.” – Izzy

* All reviews shared with permission.