Sometimes first love needs a second chance at forever.

Temperance Jean Madigan and Duncan Brady have never gotten it right. After one radiant, secret summer together when they were eighteen, they’ve been on-again off-again ever since. Now, despite red-hot chemistry and TJ’s closeness with Duncan’s family, they’re virtually strangers, only capable of adversarial banter, awkward small talk—and the occasional messy hookup.

When a wedding at the Brady’s winery lands TJ there for the summer, their mutual avoidance strategies prove impossible. The last thing TJ wants is to be under those angsty, heated glances Duncan thinks he hides. And for Duncan, having fiery TJ constantly close is the ultimate distraction that he absolutely can’t afford. When forced proximity begins to chip away at their armor, buried tensions resurface, old wounds urge confrontation, and once-in-a-lifetime love demands one last chance to finally get it right.

Coming from St. Martin’s Press June 18, 2024.

Right Where We Left Us by Jen Devon is a contemporary romance book. It has a cover with varying shades of purple, with stylized fireflies and rolling hills in the background. There is an illustrated grapevine in the upper right corner, above the title of the book. A quote from author Camille Pagan reads, "Jen Devon knows her way around the human heart." In the bottom right is an illustrated man and woman in a tender pose. He has his thumb on her chin, and she smiles up at him. She's petite and blond, and he's large, dark, and bearded.
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