The culinary cast of Bend Toward the Sun

Today’s prompt in the #22debuts prompt party on Instagram was regarding food or recipes in our books. Food is a minor supporting character in my series, and it’s one of my very niche publishing dreams to develop recipes from my books and share them someday on my blog. Below are four culinary features from Bend Toward the Sun, clockwise from left:

Wine. Gia, the matriarch of my book’s family, comes from a winemaking legacy in Galicia (Northwest Spain), and the series’ setting is at a vineyard the family is restoring in Pennsylvania. Wine is ever-present.

Gia makes toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies that are somewhat of a controversy within the family.

Gia’s seafood paella (wow, lots about Gia here) is legendary, though her husband Will (the Brady patriarch) is better at making it than she is, and she’s not even mad about it. Less time for her to spend in the kitchen.

S’mores. The Bradys spend lots of time around a campfire, and in addition to the traditional ingredients, Will and Gia bust out utterly bonkers additions like candied bacon, peanut butter, white chocolate, and Nutella.

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